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A Brief Guide To Use Our Day & Night Acne Patches!

A Brief Guide To Use Our Day & Night Acne Patches!

It’s such an “oh, fish!” moment when the hours before a big day, your skin starts to slightly itch, prickle, and finally, produce a raised bump. A new pimple is ready to get along with you! To eliminate your “oh fish” moment, have you ever heard about hydrocolloid bandages? If yes, well you must know how effective hydrocolloid actually is! DermaAngel acne patch consists of hydrocolloid dressing material to absorb acne pus and prevent bacteria contamination.

How Does Acne Patches Help To Get Rid of an Acne?

The acne patches work on moist wound healing principle which draws out dirt, impurities without drying out the surrounding skin. The hydrocolloid patch absorbs exudate from the pimple and protects it from outside contaminations like pollution, bacteria. It also prevents you from picking the pimple.

Benefits of Using DermaAngel Acne Patch:

There are a number of benefits which acne patches provide. Zit stickers, acne dots not only heals your acne, it keeps you at bay from picking your acne and prevents further irritation or scarring. Since it’s ultra thin and makeup friendly, you can wear it without anyone noticing it. Additionally it protects your pimple from pollution, bacteria & other contamination. It even works on sensitive skin. So, what else do you need?

General Tips To Keep In Mind:

  • Before you begin to stick the patch, do cleanse your face thoroughly.
  • Tap dry the area where you are willing to stick.
  • Once done, gently stick them on dry skin as the first step of your routine.
  • Let them sit on your skin until the patches turn into an opaque color. Once it turns opaque, you know they’ve sucked out the debris from the pores.
  • Remove it gently & Do not re-use the same patch as it is not reusable.

If a pimple ever comes across you, the one thing a dermatologist will tell you to do is enact a hands-off policy as picking it or popping it has a tendency to leave a forever scar to the affected area. To avoid such cases, these patches also help you keep your hands off from the zit so that you don’t feel irresistible to touch or pop it.

Wrapping up:

It somehow may sound like a promising and potentially no-pain, risk-free acne treatment. We ensure that DermaAngel Acne patches aren’t comparable to regular pore strips as they are preferably strong enough to manage your acne.

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