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About Us

About DermaAngel

DermaAngel is an internationally acclaimed skin-care brand. A part of the esteemed BenQ Materials Corp, headquartered in Taiwan. DermaAngel Acne patch is admired globally for their fast and effective results and is currently No. 1 acne patch brand in China, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. As a leading medical device manufacturer, BenQ Materials Corp. works closely with skin specialists, researchers and dermatologists to deliver the finest results. Hence, the team of DermaAngel has a medically guided approach for producing softer and gentler products to treat acne.

Understanding that acne or “acne vulgaris” is the 8th most prevalent skin condition in the world, affecting both men and women not just physically but also mentally. DermaAngel Acne patch is duly registered with the government and has regulatory rights.

About Acne Patches

Helping men and women embrace a clear skin without acne or scarring as our acne patch is made from a Hydrocolloid dressing, and is based on Moist wound healing principle. It is available in two variants – Day Acne Patch and Night Acne Patch. The patches can be used on any skin type and colour as they are almost transparent & have the property to blend with natural skin. They can also be applied to sensitive skin.

DermaAngel acne patch provides optimum environment to the wound for accelerated healing. The hydrocolloid material efficiently absorbs the exudate while also stimulating collagen and in turn reducing scarring.The outer covering acts as a barrier protecting your acne from bacteria and other external contaminants. The patch has ultra-thin edges (0.01cm), nude matte look and is also make-up friendly ensuring that it conceals the acne and is almost undetectable on the skin. As the patch conceals and heals the acne, it reduces the patient’s desire to pop the acne too, which can lead to scarring.

How To Use

  • Clean your hands, dry them. Clean the acne area well.
  • Take out one acne patch from the set.
  • Remove half of the acne patch release paper.
  • Apply on the acne and slowly remove remaining release paper.
  • Press the patch gently for 5 seconds.

What Makes Us Different

Concealment Concealment

Translucent, thin exterior and thick interior of patented design make acne highly invisible and make-up friendly.

Ultra-thin Ultra Thin

The design of a super thin edge with 0.01cm fits the skin perfectly without foriegn body sensation.

Protection Protection

Next-generation hydrocolloid material effectively absorbs secretions, promoting acne healing.

Isolation Isolation

Prevents infection, as it prevents you from touching the acne and other external pollutants coming across your skin.

Breathability Breathability

PU outer film is breathable and waterproof to prevent the breeding of germs.

Convenience Convenience

The central tear-off line prevents unwanted material touching the inside of the patch.

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