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Finally, An Effective Way To Manage Acne For All Skin Types


Let’s face it, acne is one of those things that will catch up with you sooner or later. For centuries now, people have tried to find a way to rid themselves of this annoying skin problem but without much success. It’s 2020 now and thankfully, we think the solution to all our acne problems is finally here. Are you excited to learn more? Let’s find out more about a day and night acne patch solution developed by BenQ Material Corp’s DermaAngel, the first officially registered acne patch in India.

Look East Policy

Eastern countries took note of the concept of treating pimples as wounds many years ago, employing hydrocolloid patches that draw buildup out of the pimple, rather than dispense medicine onto the area to treat blemishes. Acne patches sterilize the zit and aid in its healing process. This is also the same process that’s used to treat wounds and burns by letting the skin heal in a moist environment, just the way it’s meant to.

How It Works

Made of hydrocolloid dressing, DermaAngel’s Day and Night Patch can be used to treat whiteheads, breakouts and derma wounds after laser surgery. The Patches absorb acne pus with their super absorbent core, reduce redness and inflammation and heal the wound even as its outer layer prevents bacteria and dirt from further infections. Thus, the patch not only heals the acne itself, it also helps to prevent further spread of the notorious skin problem.

The Day Patch and the Night Patch differ from each other in terms of function and usage. While the Day Patch is thinner and works well under foundation makeup, the Night Patch is a bit bigger in size and is thicker in the middle for better pus absorption. You can wear the Day patch for 12 hours or until it turns white while the Night patch is effective for about eight hours.

Thanks to its translucent material and sheer thinness, the patch can be applied discreetly as it blends with the skin tone perfectly. The patch not only effectively block harmful UVB rays it also reduces pigmentation as well. The adhesiveness of the patch is also top-notch, giving your skin complete cover and protection to heal.

Things To Know

  • The patches can be used on any skin type and colour as they are almost transparent and will blend with natural skin no matter what. They can also be applied to sensitive skin tones.
  • The patches are also gender-neutral, meaning they will work as effectively on men as on women. We all know acne isn’t something that only women come across.
  • You can add foundation and powder for your lunch meeting during the day with the Day Patch. You can also continue using your acne spot treatment gel or night time cream..

In Conclusion

There are many products that try to prevent you from getting acne but there are probably just a handful that can help once you get acne. DermaAngel’s Day and Night Patch is one of the most effective acne management solutions that you can rely on today. Thankfully, these patches will be available at most dermatology clinics so you don’t have to hunt them down.

You also don’t need to hide yourself during virtual office meetings anymore. Look confident on your Zoom work call without worrying about letting acne get you down.

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