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Day Acne Patch (6Pcs)

(7 customer reviews)


Our day acne patch is highly effective in concealing and healing your acne. It is made keeping your day schedule in mind, not letting a pop of acne ruin your plans for the day.


The patch conceals the acne, as the ultra-thin edges (0.01cm) along with its make-up friendly factor ensures it is undetectable on the skin. Based on moist-wound healing principle, the patch provides optimum environment to the wound for accelerated healing. The inner controlled and calculated hydrocolloid material effectively absorbs the exudate. The outer PU film is breathable and waterproof to isolate the wound against bacteria, pollution and external contamination of the outside world ensuring effective and fast healing of the acne. You can wear the Day patch for 12 hours or until it turns white.

How To Use

  • Clean your hands, dry them. Clean the acne area well.
  • Take out one acne patch from the set.
  • Remove half of the acne patch release paper.
  • Apply on the acne and slowly remove remaining release paper.
  • Press the patch gently for 5 seconds.

Action Principle

icon 6
Acne filled with pus.
icon 7
Attach DermaAngel acne patch for the pus absorption.
icon 8
After the pus absorption acne patch act as a protective layer preventing further infection.
icon 9
The Acne wound is recovered without a scar.

Product Properties

Made Up Of

Well-known Hydrocolloid dressing

Water type dressing containing gel forming agents in adhesive material

When in contact with wound, material absorbs fluid (exudate), swells & forms a gel

Aids in Moist wound healing, also protects from dirt, bacteria & UV rays

Based on principle of moist wound healing

Accelerates wound healing

Stimulates collagen synthesis

Reduces scarring

Decreases incidences of wound infection

What Makes Us Different

Concealment Concealment

Translucent, thin exterior and thick interior of patented design make acne highly invisible and make-up friendly.

Ultra-thin Ultra Thin

The design of a super thin edge with 0.01cm fits the skin perfectly without foriegn body sensation.

Protection Protection

Next-generation hydrocolloid material effectively absorbs secretions, promoting acne healing.

Isolation Isolation

Prevents infection, as it prevents you from touching the acne and other external pollutants coming across your skin.

Breathability Breathability

PU outer film is breathable and waterproof to prevent the breeding of germs.

Convenience Convenience

The central tear-off line prevents unwanted material touching the inside of the patch.

7 reviews for Day Acne Patch (6Pcs)

  1. Vinkal Kandal

    Nice product!!!!

  2. Namrata Dutta

    Really good product. The best things are it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave a mark behind. Effective and easy to use.

  3. Nipun Nagar

    pimples are no more issue when you have DermaAngel with u easy to use and effective love this product

  4. Vijay Bansal

    A remedy I’ve been looking for all my life. Derma Angel actually is an angel. Try once.

  5. Smita Sarkar

    The day acne patch has helped me and saved my day from sudden acnes. I easily wear it easily under my make up. it covers my acne completely and it doesn’t even feel that i am wearing anything. Its an amazing product. Thanks DermaAngel

  6. Shristi verma

    Amazing to use, the best highlight is it is make up friendly which actually helps me use it whenever i get an unexpected acne

  7. Anu Singh

    Thanks DermaAngel for making our life easy.. Its a wonderful product. Perfect solution to hide and heal acne. I tried my hands almost on everything but never found satisfactory options. DermaAngel acne patch is easy to use, very effective. I love it so much!

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